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About Kayandel

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Our History

Established in 1996, Kayandel Archaeological Services is a premier provider of Cultural Heritage and Archaeological consulting services throughout New South Wales. Kayandel began as a small company focusing on Indigenous Heritage, but overtime we have expanded to incorporate Built Heritage and Historic Archaeological skill sets. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality professional archaeological and cultural heritage services to our clients through thorough conservation assessment and planning.

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Heritage Assessments

In an environment of rapid suburban development and changing urban landscapes, assessment and management of heritage places, both Indigenous and European, is fast becoming an integral part of the development process. Kayandel's specialist heritage consultants are experienced in undertaking these assessments and providing tailored advice and management solutions.

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Survey and Excavation

While some smaller assessments can be undertaken as desktop studies, others will require fieldwork in the form of site survey, archaeological test excavation, or archival recording. Kayandel's experienced project managers and network of subcontractors can ensure that your project and its associated fieldwork is handled in a timely and professional manner.


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Archaeological Assessments

Due Diligence Assessments, Cultural Heritage Assessments and Test Excavation Reports, Archaeological Monitoring Reports, and Aboriginal Community Consultation

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Heritage Impact Assessments

Significance Assessments, Impact Assessments, Design Advice, Conservation and Mitigation Strategies, Heritage Interpretation.

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Legislative Permit Applications

Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits, Test Excavation Permits, Heritage Development Applications.

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Site Survey

For Due Diligence Assessments or Cultural Heritage Assessments, including community representatives. Large or small areas.

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Management Plans

Conservation Management plans for Heritage Buildings or precincts. Cultural Heritage Management Plans for Aboriginal Places, sites, or large development areas.

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Archival Recording

Photography, written documentation, and preparation of measured drawings for Heritage Structures.


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Kendall's Mill House

Built Heritage    Stephanie    24 November 2015   

The project undertaken at Queen St, Campbelltown included the preparation of a Statement of Heritage Impact for lodgement with the Development Application, as well as the provision of design advice regarding the layout of the development, and its ability to enhance the heritage item located on the lot. The design utilised modern and heritage elements, working in unison.

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Bingara Gorge Rock Art Recording

Indigenous Archaeology    Natalie    10 October 2014   

Several Rock Shelters containing Rock Art have been identified within the sandstone gorge around which Wilton, and now Bingara Gorge, have been constructed. Detailed recording of these sites required creating measured drawings of the shelters, sketching and photographing the art, and digitally manipulating images to determine the extent of all art present within the shelter.

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Wilton Junction Rezoning Assessment

Combined Heritage Assessment    Lance    30 March 2013   

The assessment undertaken for the rezoning of 'Wilton Junction' required investigation into Indigenous and Non-Indigenous constraints within the area. The rezoning study consisted of a series of field surveys, attended by KAS staff and members of the local Aboriginal community.


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Work for Kayandel

Kayandel is always on the lookout for skilled and enthusiastic industry professionals to join our excavation teams. Postings are made on a project by project basis, and the size of required teams may vary. If you are interested in working with us on any of our projects, please forward your resume and details to our HR team.


   PO Box 440
       Picton, NSW 2571
   Tel: (02) 4627 8622
   Email: info@kayandel.com.au
   Website: www.kayandel.com.au

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